A credit management solution that fits just right…

Ké Concepts serves a diverse array of organisations across the continent and is exposed daily to all facets of the lending process. We regularly engage with niche financial market segments including local and continental private banks, asset-based finance houses, peer-to-peer lenders, micro finance organisations and office automation financiers. This experience is a huge contributor to our success – and to that of our clients. It means that our range of consulting and service offerings can be tailored to fit your business.

Standard service offerings form an integral part of all CreditEase license agreements and annual maintenance plans. Development and customisation services for new software and dedicated change requests are then accommodated where specific integration is necessary.

Whatever your requirement, we work with you within the context of your business, to unlock the full potential of your credit management solution.

Specialist Services

Your business need to be flexible and responsive. Ké Concepts’ Specialist Consulting Services facilitate just that. Data Migration and Testing, Automated Testing, and System Stabilisation are available on a convenient time and billing basis.

We also deploy ad hoc dedicated resources on site on request.

Enhanced Services

Looking for deeper functionality? No need to recruit and employ expensive talent. Ké Concepts provides the expert skill resources and services needed to address the most common enhancements, including:

  • Improving turnaround services on bug fixes
  • Extending support cover services
  • Extending support to additional environments (where multiple environments exist within a single client)
  • Maintaining system upgrade paths
  • Customisation and integration

Get our team on board to assist with problem identification, recommendation of appropriate action and actual resolution.

Enterprise-level Implementation Services

Achieving the ideal level of integration and functionality while driving user adoption can be a challenge. We make sure you’re up for it.

Our project management team has been guiding enterprise-level clientele through software implementations for more than a decade. Ké Concepts oversees each go-live using standardised, measurable project management principles. From business analysis, to consulting on application, business, technology, and reporting, to process re-engineering, to training and upskilling your end users – we’ll be there making sure expectations are met.

Your technology – and your people – will be supported by best-practice methodologies founded on real-life experience.

How can we help you?

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The Front Office (Orgination) is designed to streamline automate and manage origination, risk assessment and disbursement processes.  CreditEase exhibits a set of truly best-of-breed orgination processes evidenced by the fact that our solutions are currently deployed within a number of leading credit providers.

The Back Office manages the entire lifecycle of the financial instrument, focussing on the raising, tracking and receipting of instalments and associated fees collected from financial and third party organisations.

Soft Collections (Arrears Management)  uses embedded iterative processes to successfully rehabilitate defaulting debtors. The module accommodates both inbound and outbound calls and can be integrated into telephony and voice recording systems.

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