Manage your entire credit management process – from cradle to grave.

The CreditEase application suite is a modular n-tiered application designed to be intuitive and business-centric. CreditEase not only simplifies lending, but also enables your organisation to support strategic ambitions around business expansion, market penetration and profitability.

Effectively leveraging leading Microsoft technologies within a credit management and lending context, Ké Concepts balances technical expertise with business insight. Easily deployed ‘off the shelf’, CreditEase adds excellent value with little or no customisation, yet can be tailored to suit specific business dynamics.

Choose from an on premise, fully-hosted, or consumption-based model.

To ensure relevance and functionality, CreditEase has been modified for several niche lending markets, including Micro Finance, Development Funding Agencies, Asset Finance (incorporating Vehicle and Mortgage Finance) and Retail and Commercial Banking.

Why CreditEase?

  • End-to-end loan management
  • Impressive depth of functionality at each
    stage of the credit management life-cycle
  • Ready integration with most
    existing legacy solutions
  • Streamlines and automates multiple
    business functions
  • Spans a range of financial products
  • Supports multiple routes to market to help
    you grow market share
  • Simple to deploy and easy to scale
  • Familiar Microsoft-based look and feel
    adds to user appeal
  • Designed specifically for the African loan
    landscape in mind

On-the-curve technology meets a wealth of experience in each of these industry-specific solutions

Micro Finance

Geared specifically to ensure viable and accessible micro-lending in emerging markets, CreditEase Micro Finance is used by leading financial organisations across Africa. It encompasses the entire lending lifecycle: origination, risk assessment, disbursement, debtor and contract management, receipting, delinquent debtor rehabilitation and associated legal business processes.

Credit providers benefit from multiple routes to market, including self-service via the internet, in-store, mobile, field-based, and embedded offline capabilities. Also supported is integration with a host of credit bureaus and convenient automated collections through numerous financial institutions and government and private payrolls across Africa.

Secure Home Loan

Grant loans to beneficiaries seeking finance for home-related expenditure with this alternative home loan solution – using a pension fund as security. Complete integration to funds is enabled through Microsoft® BizTalk; intelligent workflows ensure all requisite documentation and securities are in place before disbursement.

CreditEase Secure Home loan effortlessly handles the complexities of settling existing loans – prior to the disbursement of funds. It also builds on existing debt order and payroll collection functionality effectively streamlining receipting of monthly installments and associated fees.

Structured Finance

Align financial instruments to your clients’ available cash flow, utilising the most appropriate business processes.

This Structured Finance application suite provides unprecedented flexibility in structuring deals that suit your clients’ requirements. Accommodate disbursement schedules across multiple time periods, capitalised fees, deposits, repayment intervals, special payments, escalations, capital, or interest moratoriums, fixed, linked or tiered interest rates, as well any number of cyclical fees.

Once an agreement is reached, CreditEase will create all the relevant contracts for signature and route the deal for approval.

Facility management is a key feature in managing exposure, thus CreditEase Structured Finance provides a credit limit umbrella under which a portfolio of products can be offered and managed. Collateral and asset information is recorded and tracked as part of the contract lifecycle process.

Review exposure and other contract information across multiple entity dimensions such as funder, surety, agent, supplier, or administrator.

Vehicle Finance

Incorporating a deep understanding of individual, corporate and commercial vehicle finance needs, CreditEase Vehicle Finance provides risk management, debtor management and collections management for current and future vehicle finance deals. Fully compliant with NCA (National Credit Act) requirements, it supports flexible individual deal structuring or controlled product structuring, plus full credit vetting via integration with credit bureaus.

Asset Finance

CreditEase Equipment Leasing meets the exacting demands of both the local and international asset-based financing and equipment leasing market. It also effortlessly accommodates industry complexity and the additional functionality required. Web-based loan origination from various global hardware platforms, adjusts quickly to the newer, more flexible methods of credit scoring, and offers excellent integration with credit bureaus.

This cradle-to-grave solution merges seamlessly with CRM components, contract management, sophisticated leasing and loan accounting management components, general ledger, collections and finally asset management.

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The Front Office (Orgination) is designed to streamline automate and manage origination, risk assessment and disbursement processes.  CreditEase exhibits a set of truly best-of-breed orgination processes evidenced by the fact that our solutions are currently deployed within a number of leading credit providers.

The Back Office manages the entire lifecycle of the financial instrument, focussing on the raising, tracking and receipting of instalments and associated fees collected from financial and third party organisations.

Soft Collections (Arrears Management)  uses embedded iterative processes to successfully rehabilitate defaulting debtors. The module accommodates both inbound and outbound calls and can be integrated into telephony and voice recording systems.

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