Back Office: Manage the entire lifecycle of your financial instruments

Need to manage the entire lifecycle of your financial instruments? CreditEase Back Office focuses on raising, tracking and receipting instalments and associated fees collected from financial and third-party organisations.

With CreditEase you can:

  • Dramatically reduce associated administration overheads
  • Implement multiple debtors’ books within a single installation
  • Automate allocation of journal transactions – in multiple currencies
  • View the debtor’s book from role specific perspectives: accounts, tax, operations, collections or legal
  • View all documents and agreements that relate to a particular debtor or loan at a click of a button
  • Drive typical follow-up requirements and escalate or re-allocate activities based on operator’s security profile
  • Identify and alleviate process bottlenecks through auditing and reporting functions
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The Front Office (Origination) is designed to streamline automate and manage origination, risk assessment and disbursement processes.

The Back Office manages the entire lifecycle of the financial instrument, focusing on the raising, tracking and receipting of instalments and associated fees.

Soft Collections (Arrears Management) uses embedded iterative processes to successfully rehabilitate defaulting debtors.

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