CreditEase Micro Finance

Geared specifically to ensure viable and accessible micro-lending in emerging markets, CreditEase Micro Finance is used by leading financial organisations across Africa. It encompasses the entire lending lifecycle: origination, risk assessment, disbursement, debtor and contract management, receipting, delinquent debtor rehabilitation and associated legal business processes.

Credit providers benefit from multiple routes to market, including self-service via the internet, in-store, mobile, field-based, and embedded offline capabilities. Also supported is integration with a host of credit bureaus and convenient automated collections through numerous financial institutions and government and private payrolls across Africa.

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The Front Office (Origination) is designed to streamline automate and manage origination, risk assessment and disbursement processes.

The Back Office manages the entire lifecycle of the financial instrument, focusing on the raising, tracking and receipting of instalments and associated fees.

Soft Collections (Arrears Management) uses embedded iterative processes to successfully rehabilitate defaulting debtors.

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