CreditEase Structured Finance

Align financial instruments to your clients’ available cash flow, utilising the most appropriate business processes.

This Structured Finance application suite provides unprecedented flexibility in structuring deals that suit your clients’ requirements. Accommodate disbursement schedules across multiple time periods, capitalised fees, deposits, repayment intervals, special payments, escalations, capital, or interest moratoriums, fixed, linked or tiered interest rates, as well any number of cyclical fees.

Once an agreement is reached, CreditEase will create all the relevant contracts for signature and route the deal for approval.

Facility management is a key feature in managing exposure, thus CreditEase Structured Finance provides a credit limit umbrella under which a portfolio of products can be offered and managed. Collateral and asset information is recorded and tracked as part of the contract lifecycle process.

Review exposure and other contract information across multiple entity dimensions such as funder, surety, agent, supplier, or administrator.

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The Front Office (Origination) is designed to streamline automate and manage origination, risk assessment and disbursement processes.

The Back Office manages the entire lifecycle of the financial instrument, focusing on the raising, tracking and receipting of instalments and associated fees.

Soft Collections (Arrears Management) uses embedded iterative processes to successfully rehabilitate defaulting debtors.

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